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Media accreditation is required to order to cover any BMX New Zealand major events. For all event enquires please contact the BMXNZ admin on the following e-mail.

Contact -

If you are interested in becoming accredited for one of our upcoming events please fill out the form

If you are a freelance journalist/photographer please advise which media outlet you have been confirmed
to work for at the event.


Please supply us with as much information as possible in the section below. Not supplying this information when applying may lead to your application being rejected.

Where will your work from this event be used?
Please include relevant media titles, website addresses and audience figures.


Please upload a Photo for your ID badge


Media accreditation is granted subject to your acceptance of any terms and conditions relating to
the event in question including those listed below and any additional terms described in the media
manual which will be distributed before the event.

Terms & Conditions  
  1. Completion of the application form does not guarantee acceptance and acceptance at one event does not guarantee acceptance at future events.
  2. Accreditation may be revoked at any time if your conduct does not meet the expected standards as communicated to you by the event organisers or race officials before and during the event.
  3. Any media taken at a BMXNZ Major Event is the property of the photographer, but can be used by BMXNZ to promote the sport on approval of photographer.

By clicking 'Register' I indicate that I have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.